Experience the Future of Outreach and Fund Management

Take your business development, fundraising, and investor outreach to the next level. Our Salesforce solutions are thoughtfully curated for alternative investment managers.  

A turn-key expansion of standard Salesforce capabilities. It is designed with alternative investment and private equity workflows in mind and configurable to your firm's specific processes.  



While year over year predictions have said the rapid pace of fundraising cannot be sustained, the amount of money and Funds available in the market continue to grow.  Your Fundraising teams need the information at their fingertips to ensure they focus their efforts on the potential Investors and Consultants that will ensure they meet their targets.

Manage your fundraising pipeline

Track investor preferences

Track the relationships and interactions with your investors and their consultants

Track Meeting Notes and Follow Ups
Be prepared for meetings with a easily generated Tearsheet

Manage LP Coverage

Investor Services

Getting an investor to commit capital into your fund may seem easy compared to supporting them once they are onboarded.  The entire company must now support those investors requests for documentation, changes in account information and everyday questions that may arise.  Whether your investor relations team continues to manage your LP’s after they invest or you have a specific team dedicated to working with them, tracking how you communicate with your LP’s is integral to the success of your relationship. 

Manage an Investor Request through inception to close

Understand the team of people working on requests

Be able to easily display the complicated 
hierarchies of your investors and funds.

Track Advisory committees

Track distribution preferences

Manage investor onboarding


Deal Sourcing


Information exists all across your firm; within your deal professionals, in excel spreadsheets, outlook and third-party data providers but can’t be directed in one place.  FundEngine will give you the capabilities to use your data to better understand what deals and people should be focused on. 

Manage your pipeline meetings 

Track relationships and the interactions you have with them

Track how you are working with Investment Banks and the Fees they are receiving on your deals.

Manage your investment committee process

Understand your sponsors

Track Meeting Notes and Follow Ups

Track Industry Experts

Portfolio Management and Operations

Determining where you invest your capital is important, however once invested, tracking those investments and ensuring their success is as integral.

Manage Portfolio Operations projects

Track Human Capital projects

Integrate performance data